Underwater Engineering works

Netuno is technically prepared to provide underwater engineering services through contracts with national or international public or private companies, being the main services: 

- Port constructions;
- Diving in contaminated waters
- Dredging
- Maintenance of piers for the attraction of ships
- Reinforcement and structural recovery of reinforced concrete
- Hydroblasting and submerged apicoamento
- Installation of forms and pumping of concrete and submerged grating
- Hydroblasting of metal structure
- Centrifugal dredging of sludge
- Installation and maintenance of pumps
- Defeat with the use of underwater explosives
- Underwater Welding
- Inspection and maintenance of towers, tanks, drinking water pipelines, quays, dams and bridges
- Maintenance of submerged trains and turbines
- Cleaning of submerged degrees
- Inspection and inspection of submerged structures
- Surveys: topographical and cadastral
- Ecobatimetry with GPS electronic positioning.
- Execution of Jet - Probe
- Collection of material (laboratory sample)
- Caulking of leaks
- Placement and withdrawal of logs and sealing panels
- Laying of bulkheads and steel cables
- Cleaning of drains and sills
-Front and curtain screening
- Inspection in sealing panels
- Removal and placement of metallic casket for sealing tube sealing of generating units / pumps

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